First Weeks of School

We have been so busy, as I know everyone is during their first week of school.  We are finally settling into somewhat of a routine and I am so proud of how fast they have caught on!  

We are making great progress with implementing Daily 5 - so far we are chugging right along with Read to Self and I just introduced Read to Someone on Wednesday.  The kids are loving it and they are doing a great job at building their stamina!!

I know that I introduce my Dailies in a different order from the book but I find that with my little first graders it's easier to keep them in reading-mode for a while before moving on to the writing parts of Daily 5.  I will go on to Word Work next because I think it's also one of the easier things for them to understand and practice.  

Last week we also did a No, David project that I borrowed from Fall Into First.  It was a great way to discuss the rules of our class and the kids LOVE No, David!  After we read the story and brainstormed classroom rules they each picked out a rule that they thought it would be important to teach David.


*side note-this was a fairly difficult and time consuming project to do with first graders right away. BUT it can be done.  Just remember that they are not the first graders you just sent off to second grade, patience and extra time is key :-)