100 Days of School

We have made it through 100 days of school, folks!  It's a pretty big milestone in first grade and we did a ton to celebrate!
To start the day off my students worked on writing 100 different words.  They loved getting to move around the room to see and write different words.  They worked on these little booklets all throughout the day :-)
Next, we made 100th Day hats.  They had to decorate their hats with one hundred things.  I set up four different stations around the room where students rotated through dot markers, stamp markers, mini stickers and sequins.  When they finished I had them count out their groups of ten to 100.  

 I love that they were helping each other count!
After that was the most exciting part of our 100th Day celebration . . . the fashion show.  This was absolutely hysterical and the kids had so much fun.  I laid out a red carpet (made from red butcher paper) and put on some fashion show music.
They took the opportunity to dance the entire way down the carpet
The kids had all made t-shirts at home with 100 things on them and this was their chance to show of their design.  
Even the teachers got in on the fun!
I found this great idea on Pintrest . . . but lost a few stars throughout the day :-(
In the afternoon we took the numbers 1-0-0 and turned them into something else.  Their ideas were great, of course.  We had everything from a lawnmower to a snowman to a dinosaur.  They really came up with some creative ways to use the numbers!
Overall it was a great 100th Day Celebration!