The Week Back From Break

Welcome back!  We've been back from break for almost a week now and are getting back in the routine of things.  We had a big snow storm over break so we are officially in the time of snow gear.  Snow pants, gloves and boots galore!    

To get our brains warmed up again we did a fun little writing prompt that I turn into a class book: "The day after Christmas, Rudolph took Santa's sleigh and went to . . . "  We talk about how busy Santa and all the reindeer are during the holiday season and that after Christmas they all need a little break.  The kids love thinking that Rudolph takes a vacation and they always come up with really creative ideas about where he goes and what he does.
I love the sunglasses :-)


Rudolph with a snorkel :-)

Click here to get your free copy of the sheet and a cover if you want to make it into a class book.

We also talk about New Year's Resolutions or wishes for the upcoming year.  We start by reading Squirrel's New Year's Resolution which does a really nice job of explaining what a resolution is.  
For the fun part of the project we cut out the numbers and glued on sequins to make them look really festive!  
Finally we wrote four wishes for the coming year: one for themselves, one for their family, one for the school and one for the world.  Each wish goes under a flap.  I can't take credit for this idea...a coworker has used it the past few years and it's all over Pintrest :-)

You can get a copy of the sheet I used for the writing.

I hope your 2016 is off to a great start!