Election Day!

In the spirit of Election Day yesterday we held our own classroom election.  We read Duck for President and Grace for President to get us in the voting mood.  
Both books are both really cute, especially Grace for President which gives a really good description of the voting process and electoral votes, etc.

We used part of a unit from Cara Carroll which had all sorts of Presidential and election activities.  To start each of the kids had to fill out their Voter Registration card.  Then when it was time to vote they had to bring their card, show it to me (where I checked to make sure it was really them ;-) and then they were able to place their vote.
The three choices were:
*Duck *Grace *The teacher ;-)
They really took this whole voting thing pretty seriously - it was adorable...

After they made their choice they got to color an 'I VOTED' sticker to wear.  
Finally we tallied the results and there was a clear winner . . . 
The activity was really fun and I think the kids enjoyed to getting to be part of the Election process!  Now I have to sign off as my free time will be spent working on my move to the White House ;-)