Classroom Visitors!

This week was full of visitors to our classroom!  

On Wednesday my MIL brought little Madden to visit the classroom.  It was really fun because my class had not met him yet and neither had most of the staff.  He got to stay for lunch and was a happy and talkative little man!
Friday was Brewer's Day at school.  The kids wore their Brewer's gear and a few of the sausage mascots (aka. Ms. Wick and Mr. Neils) came to visit our classroom!  What a fun surprise!!

Back to School!

I am so excited to be back at school after spending 3 months at home with my little man, Madden.  Maternity leave was great and now I am adjusting to a new schedule with going to work and getting up with a little one :-)  It is hard to leave him but I have a great class and they keep my mind off of being gone!

It was so fun to walk into my room and see this...

Here are some fun pictures of my little guy:

I'm looking forward to my last 8 weeks of school and then some more quality time with baby!