Guided Reading

During guided reading I like to follow up each book with a writing response of some kind.  I used to write out comprehension questions in each each student's reading notebook.  That took a loooooong time to do and it didn't give me the freedom of working on reading strategies-it only focused on answering specific comprehension questions.  

Thus the need for some graphic organizers that helped my students respond to their book and practice a reading strategy.  
The easiest solution for me is to have a bunch of copies on hand so that I can pull out a sheet that matches with our discussion.  

My students do a great job with these and there are enough of them that we don't do the same one over and over.  At the beginning of the year we do a lot the sheets together and then as the year goes on they do more and more of it at home as part of their reading homework.  I'm amazed at how independent they are by the end of the year!!

This is a freebie page from my Reading Response Sheet packet.

Here is a preview of what some more of the pages look like.  You can click on any of the pictures and it will take you to my TPT store!

Field Trip Fun!

This week we went to LaFleur's Gymnastics for our gym field trip - we had a blast!  They had the kids do some pretty difficult moves but they stepped up to the challenge.  
 The trapeze/ball pit is a favorite every time!!  
I was also super impressed by their beam balancing.
 Jumping somersaults and bridges.  They are so flexible!  
Perfect push-ups and a swing on the zip line!
Needless to say, they were exhausted when we got back to school!

Had to insert one last picture with my bus partner :-)