March Updates

Last month went by in a blur!  It is now basically the middle of April-wow!!
I love March for a few reasons-Dr. Seuss Day (March 2) is one of my favorite things to celebrate in school, the weather gets nicer (even if it's just for a day or so), and my birthday is at the beginning of the month.  All great things :-) 

For Dr. Seuss Day our first grade team does a rotation.  Each teacher has a different activity to go with a different Dr. Seuss book and we rotate the classes of kids between us all morning.  

Next, we learned some new things about St. Patrick's Day.  The kids really got into learning about the legends of St. Patrick (they were even new to me).  They also thought making a flipbook was cool.
If you'd to get this flipbook click on the link to my store.

Finally, our month ended with a super fun field trip to La Fleur's Gymnastics Studio.  The kids were so engaged with all of the activities.  I wish we could do this every day!

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